Year / 2020




Technicolor dream OUUM art-series.
These are our artworks based on a part of philosophical thoughts. Furthermore, they combine our aesthetic vision in spaces, interiors, and usual objects. Nevertheless, we try to bright the important topics for humanity in our age.

“Pink interior” is our initial image based on a combination of natural forms as a stone and modern minimalistic colorful forms. Besides, you can perceive the movement on this picture with a few optical illusions. This work switches our brain to think more and deeper.

The second picture from our series Technicolor dream is called “Simple/fancy.” Because this work causes a lot of questions to think. For example, how often the customers prefer expensive brands instead of cheaper analog? Why people need fancy stuff to show how original is their personality and what is behind that? How many corporations are trying to sell “fancy” stuff through advertising, trends, and others and make people feel their value in this society trough stuff? Or maybe sometimes we barely require simple things and understanding that our value is not in the stuff. It is deeper.

“Don’t walk” is a new image of our work’s series  “Technicolor dream.”
Many of us constantly thinking about the mental part of the living. Also, thinking about how our thoughts connected to other parts of this structure. “Don’t walk” shows us that part of our mind which makes us unconfident. Or in other words, this is our unconscious. This is a step to something which we can’t do because of the state of mind, not because of the circumstance. Making this step is always about going through something difficult and move into the future. Nevertheless, it encourages us to grow up and discover ourselves if we have confidence enough to break up the rules of our minds.

“Copy/Paste” remains the last work in our series.
Have you ever heard about conception “something new it’s a combination of something that already existed before”? This is the essential rule for every creator, especially for artists and designers.
The primary purpose of this work is to get the attention of the viewer to this such an important element in the art as “idea” and “creation of the process.”That’s why we call this image “Copy/Paste.”
In the middle of the picture, you can see a glossy “sticker” which is a symbol of the place which supposed to be an accent of the picture. It is the accent but it’s still empty, which means “you can copy and to paste here.”


Designed by / OUUM STUDIO

3D Designers / Alyona Chernyshkova / Yarko Kushta