Year / 2020



Artificial spaces is the page created to display OUUM studio’s experimental 3d renderings.
What is most exciting about computer graphics? It’s an opportunity to create worlds from your imagination to reality, and we have an unlimited possibility in the physic or scale. Because our world has its borders, but imagination – not. The human brain can generate so many innovative ideas, but, unfortunately, many of them cannot be real. We live in such a rational and logical world. It’s hard mostly to realize, because of lack of time, money, place, etc. Or, however, they just deny physic reality. That’s why people love fantasy, books, art, and poetry because it makes their inner life deeper and full. That’s what this series about. How far we could come if we have an unlimited possibility to create, to perform, to combine, to complete this world with our thoughts, imagination?

Even if it’s a desert or the sea, or a universe with unachievable stars could appear in your pocket? It is a picture that was created with our imagination. For example, the sculpture in the desert seems like some technologies from the future or could be secret balls from UFO which have been fallen on the earth. From the other side, they look like an illusion, and we still don’t know if they are real or not. The same as the sculpture on the water looks almost like mirage or illusion, according to the context we would like to ask whom this room was made for? Artificial spaces are developing our creativity and ability to imagine. Also, to think much more than our regular life things. As a result, we become deeper and fuller personalities. That’s what matters.


Designed by / OUUM STUDIO

3D Designers / Yarko Kushta