Year / 2019

Product design



Amoeba carpet is a collaboration with Moooi Carpets who among others creates unusual carpets with different prints. OUUM team decided to produce a special presentation design for them. A gentle interior with arches we blend with light pink and yellow colors and a minimum of details. Therefore, it is the best decision to emphasize such a remarkable Moooi Amoeba carpet to reach the right collaboration.We aim to be attentive to details as weight, form, color, and texture.

Similarly, we try to make an accent on features and to find a balance between simplicity and complexity. Each object has a value, but the most valuable thing is the atmosphere and feeling where the viewer comes into. Sometimes details are the reason why we choose one product or another. A good product like Amoeba carpet is the one which is better in detail, functions, quality. It is worth paying for it. Each detail has a meaning. That’s what we are trying to emphasize. In other words, how forms fall on the stairs, what is the weight, how fluffy the carpet is, and so on

And one of the most important things under creating presentation design – it’s a good match between interior or space and the product. In our case, we decided to use simple forms because the carpet has an intense print and the interior makes it calmer. Except that, design of the interior has a few luxury elements (as golden surfaces), but it still simple and minimal. Moreover, this place has airy feelings, which makes it such a cozy.

By the way, we use the stairs to complete the impression about the carpet for the viewer. Because we think its really important when customers can see and feel it completely, its weight, form, and etc.
In addition, we use the lamps made by Moooi too, and we think these products are a good match with each other. In addition, the forms of arches continue the form of carpet and lamps, which makes this work more perfect.


Designed by / OUUM STUDIO

3D Designers / Yarko Kushta