Townhouses Architecture Complex

This project by OUUM studio includes visualization ideas of modern residential area houses based on works of KTGY Architecture + Planning located in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA its include a collection of 10 new single-family detached homes in Silver Lake.

First of all, the project transmits the atmosphere done with CG. Townhouses Architecture Complex includes visualization of lighting at different time intervals of the day. It is a coziness of after rainy, sunny evening, with its history, as well as day-time architecture with barely cloudy weather and the lives of people in this time span.

We tried to create a project that would become not only an architectural visualization, but we also wanted to depict a story for each of our images, to make it unique. That is why the primary task for us was to convey the atmosphere between the architectural forms so that the viewer not only watched the architecture but also was able to feel the coziness and features of natural factors, as it might be in reality.

Visualization made on corona render with post-production in photoshop and plugin ArionFX.