Flekkefjord Visitor Centre concept

Flekkerfjord visitor center concept

Concept project in heart of Norway

made with FStorm render, matte-painting technics, and quixel tools.

Project Scope

The main idea of project images of Flekkefjord visitor center concept is based on the interaction between futurist technologies add traveling lifestyle. The shape of the building interacts with landscape nature with spectacular views of Norway.
Main building shape has wavy organic form stayed on waterfall retreat, showing in this project how technology and futurism may fit with cliffs and nature with mountain view. It’s a piece of shelter to get hide in and enjoy.

CGI Technical part

FSTORM RENDER Used to create renderings that would exactly use with matte-painting technics.

QUIXEL MEGASCANS Perfect assets for landscapes, rocks, and vegetation used with QUIXEL surfaces to create ground and water landscape parts.

Multiscatter Distribution of assets may come perfect with the multiscatter tool in combination with FSTORM.

MATTE-PAINTING These technics used in case of VRAM rendering limitations, it helps to create a beautiful piece of atmosphere with layers combining.

Flekkefjord visitor center concept produced by Yarko Kushta. The video creation is by OUUM team, music soundtrack made by Yuriy Beganskiy.

    Making off…

    Project Details

    Date: May 24, 2018