Cozy Scandinavian interior in Gothenberg

This cozy and super charming apartment offers all the modern conveniences with a sleek Scandinavian design, located in  Gothenberg, Sweden. The home has its own special character, lovely, humorous and leaves a strong impression. Throughout the apartment are finishes of painted white tiled floors and decorative moldings, while a rustic kitchen with bistro feel provides a modern and personal feel. Comprised of 430 square feet (40 square meters), this small home boasts efficient space utilization with dining for eight seated guests, living room with space for a sofa and armchair, large balcony and bedroom with space for a double bed as well as plenty of natural light. In cozy Scandinavian interior my favorite details are colorful and fun paintings and pop art posters – they really give the character to the space..

CG visualization was done with 3ds Max, Corona render and Photoshop.