AA Frame House

AA Frame House

Concept project entry for Ronen Bekerman CABINS Challenge. It took honorable mention. The reimagined shape of the classic A-shape cabin concept goes with my vision with minimalist shape and everything that you need as basics for cozy living surrounded by nature and forest. And there are few scenes was made with different lightning with FStorm Render and Megascans assets give me so much chance to create visualization as digital photos.

Project Concept

The main idea of  AA Frame House was to create perfect shoot looks close to photo inspired by Julius Schulman, photos Jens Risom prefab house and classic A-frame house shape. Combining those add some reimagined design as result new shape of the building.

CGI Technical part

FSTORM RENDER The main production render, give’s unique results for a final look at a photo.

QUIXEL MEGASCANS Some form and assets used in the scene with quixel surfaces as ground used in the scene.

MULTISCATTER & MULTIPAINTER There are few multipainter objects used in the scene for scattering vegetation.