Next image concept of continuing series OUUM Render Mag :

Universe – an image on the theme of abstract interpretation of the cosmic planet.

Space. This is what for a long time was a mystery to people. He still attracts people on his scale, alien form of life and other planets. The only thing that people can learn some kind of information about the fact that “space” is a photo report and information from the space exploration. That is why people are so accustomed to fantasizing about space. What are the other planets? And does there anything else outside the solar system?
This work is also one of the fantasies and interpretations on this topic. The basis of the image of “Universe” is the abstract idea on the theme of planets in a specific expression.
Rock like an earth mass that climbs over the surface of a marble-glossy covering of a planet that overgrown with crystals. Land resources (which may not be known to us) are hidden within the planet unknown to us. Whatever it could be.
Of course, the abstractness of the work speaks of the ambiguity of the associations and leads to reflection. And the red light stripes hint at the graphics part of the image.

It’s 30 and final render image from abstract monthly series of renders.

Image made with a  FSTORM render