Turn Around

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The picture Turn Around depicts two pools in the orthogonal projection smoothly flowing into each other, which is executed as an optical illusion that confuses the viewer. As you have already noticed, this image can be viewed from two points of view. If you turn over the image from the top down, you will see a completely different visual dimension of the same pools. This picture is conceived as a puzzle for the viewer, as an image of that which does not fit into the patterns of the visual vision of the world familiar to us.
The Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher inspired the author to create this optical illusion. He is known throughout the world in lithographs and metal and wood engravings, in which he portrays optical illusions through the study of human perception of complex three-dimensional forms. The basic forms for his work were the plastic aspects of the concepts of infinity and symmetry.
Some of his most famous works include Metamorphoses-2  which presents a sequence of 10 transformations on a huge canvas, as well as his engraving of ships and ports that he offered as a payment for a cruise on the Mediterranean, since he had no money, as well as a series of engravings The Days of Creation, which he created after the death of a mountaineer brother.
Returning to our Turn Around picture, we see how the author was inspired by Escher’s works, and how he interpreted them in a modern manner with 3d graphics and realism. Although the author borrowed the style of optical illusions, but his work, like all other works of the author, is unique in his thematic, and the continuation of a series of daily pictures from the OUUM.

Image Turn Around  made with an  FSTORM render