Starman Tribute

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Starman Tribute  Another picture from the OUUM studio is dedicated to David Bowie.
The picture Starman Tribute depicts a fictional character created by David Bowie  Major Tom. He appears in two Bowie songs that relate to his main hits  Space Oddity and Ashes to Ashes.

In the song of 1969, Space Oddity, included on David Bowie’s debut album, sends Major Tom to the open space. The departure and start of the operation are successful, but then he loses contact with the ground control and remains lost in the open space.

In the 1980 song Ashes to Ashes Bowie returns to the story of Major Tom, saying that he has become a drug addict, strung out on heaven’s high and hitting an all-time low.
The words Ashes to Ashes say that for Bowie Major Tom is a symbolic representation of herself. Because of this, the author depicting Major Tom attempted to convey the character and space of David Bowie himself, through his characteristic features and symbols. David Bowie himself presented himself as a person from outer space, which is why he was presented as an astronaut in the Starman Tribute from OUUM, and his make-up in the form of a blue-and-white lightning, which was painted on Bowie’s face in a clip by Rabble Rabble, gained the symbolic meaning of the center of the composition in today’s picture.
The author showed in his vision the symbolic motives associated with Bowie and his idea of this well-known person. The author also depicted the space quite unusually. Rocky landscapes are shown in the form of a light grid that hints at the artificially invented space by Bowie himself.

Image made with an  FSTORM render