Space Zipper

Next image concept of continuing series OUUM Render Mag :

Space Zipper  the next daily picture from  OUUM.

Artwork is an abstract association on alternative realities. Since we people often draw some knowledge about energy flows, energy, religion, philosophy, esoteric and other related sciences. We can not fully understand these things, our knowledge of them is similar to small crumbs. People don’t know exactly what, for example, happens to a person after death, what is the soul and whether it is at all. This information attracts us to the unknown and is a good topic for denying skeptical people. Therefore, the author depicts the cosmic width as a certain portal to an alternative reality, to another unknown to us world, and pieces of Lego  as small pieces of information that reach us from the unknown to us reality. Sometimes people catching these little pieces of information through meditation, sometimes through esoteric phenomena, or even certain patterns that happen in our lives. For example, in Vadim Zeland’s book Transfiguration of Reality, he describes these energy streams as the energy of the universe, perhaps for this reason the author depicted space on the other side of the width. In the end, there are many theories about unknown phenomena that humans can not touch, see, or somehow logically justify, but most people feel that there is something beyond our perception.

Image Space Zipper made with an  FSTORM render