Small Games

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Small Games is another abstract render  from the OUMM studio
Artwork depicts a tennis court in the surrealistic vision of the author. An exaggerated tennis racket and a ball are depicted, and instead of a tribune  a typewriter. On the typewriter, instead of the buttons, there are seating chairs for each seat, each of which has the appropriate letter. Letters on chairs are associated with reserved seats. Although, as experience has shown, not every spectator in the picture sees chairs instead of buttons.
The author has greatly exaggerated and modified the meaning of the things we are familiar with, combining things that are not related to each other in a common context.
The work is executed in bright colors, a bright yellow typewriter on a bright red background that balances very well with the grass court, and an orange tennis racket.
As you may have noticed all the daily pictures from the studio OUUM are abstractions from a combination of pure, saturated colors, and using professional 3D graphics author manages to convey his abstract idea in photorealistic quality, making the viewer the impression that things are portrayed in the pictures really exist.
Small Games  In addition to its abstract side, it is also a very balanced piece of work that inspires the tranquility and sterility of tennis courts.

Image Small Games made with an  FSTORM render  featuring rayfire plugin