Psychedelic World

Next image concept of continuing series OUUM Render Mag :

Psychedelic World – This is a new psychedelic abstract image from the studio OUUM.

In the picture Psychedelic World, the author depicts the usual world in the psychedelic vision, or in the psychedelic dimension.
We are all accustomed to the fact that from the childhood we are told that the grass is green, and the sky is blue, that all things that surround us have their own laws, and they in any way may not look different. What if not?
For example, take color blindness. A person with this disease can not see some colors, the grass may not be green for such a person, and the sky is not blue. And if you think more globally?
The psychedelic world is something like an alternative reality where there are all things that are common to us, but in a completely different sense than we are used to seeing.
Therefore, in our daily pictures from the OUUM, all known things are depicted, but they are not intertwined with things that really do not exist. For example, a person is depicted in a golden color in the middle of a psychedelic room, one wall of which is composed of a large number of green musical columns, and a bright yellow table with red legs is an accent of the composition and as if “floating” in a perspective reduction. Relevant motifs with colorful stripes that look like algae can be seen on various elements of the interior of the psychedelic composition. Supplements all this psychedelic color “boom” droplet lamp futuristic form which is placed above the coffee table.
To tell the truth, the interior in the image is more like a psychedelic version of futuristic interiors, which were pictured in cartoons about the future.
But at the same time, it intertwines with the whole series of daily pictures from OUUM and has the characteristic features.

Image made with an  FSTORM render