Personality Uniqueness

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PERSONALITY UNIQUENESS is a new abstract from the OUUM studio on a social theme.
The main idea that the author wanted to convey was that each person puts himself at the price of gold, but if we look at all people more broadly and more objectively  then we all are very similar with each other, we all strive to achieve something, become someone, and we all run from Checks, taxes, work, everyday life, which among us all are approximately the same.
Recently, more and more popular motivational films about famous people, they have achieved their goals and have become rich and famous, there are now many trainings, articles on how to become successful, and in the end most of us motivated them thinking that I’m unique, I too will be able to become rich and famous because of these thoughts people put themselves above and better than others. Everyone thinks he knows best, and thinks that other people are not perfect. Because of this, the picture depicts such individuals as gold, because everyone appreciates himself at the price of gold. But if we look globally, we are all people who have their own needs and above all want to provide them. We all live according to the same prescribed pattern: School, university, work, house, family, desire to earn more, desire for self-declaration, taxes, payment for housing, parking, food, clothes. We all live by satisfying our own needs and needs for social self-assertion.

Image PERSONALITY UNIQUENESS made with an  FSTORM render