Past Dimension

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Past Dimension  is the seventh picture of the day’s work from the OUUM, which is also in the Vaporwave collage style like previous Acid Caesar artwork.  The abstract details of this image are amazing! Since the image captures images from the 70’s and 80’s when the first computers of the apple appeared, along with the ancient sculptor Diana!
The author tried to touch the collage technique, which is quite popular in the 2nd art, but unlike 2-d images, for the most part, authors of 3-D graphics favor real things such as visualization of interiors and architectural structures. That is why the author in his works tries to show what can be done using a computer 3-D measurement, photorealistic details and abstraction techniques of collage. In addition, with the help of black and white variations of stripes and nets, the author manages to show the versatility of spatial solutions in one picture, which resemble some spare parts from old TVs, and the attention of this composition takes on something similar to the schedule of stock growth in the market.
In fact, the fascinating work, which is difficult to understand in some places, also has a very concise achromatic color scheme, the picture also emphasizes the multicolored shine of the central graphics. All work hints at its retro-origin, even imitation of the most faded color and old paper. It looks as if someone grandfather in his old books in the attic found an old cover to a music album or magazine.

Image made with an  FSTORM render  featuring  and 3ds max.