Open Mind

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Open Mind – a picture devoted to the counterculture of the 60s in the USA, which called for a “revolution of consciousness.”

The Sixties were one of the most significant decades in the history of America. At this time, society went to a new form of existence, expressed in contradictions between generations. The young generation, born in the aftermath of the Great Depression and the Second World War, considered it necessary to abandon the values of the older generation, to break all prohibitions, to expose the elders in philistinism, to the immorality of their society. The youth wanted to change the world, but it contradicted the interests of the older generation, who did not want to change the existing state of affairs. This period in the history of the United States is associated with the flowering and extinction of American counterculture – a phenomenon that presented a set of new value orientations that were counterbalanced by traditional culture, that is, the system of values of counterculture was in opposition to the values adopted and established as dominant in the socio- the cultural system of the West. The term “counterculture” belongs to the American philosopher and sociologist Theodore Roszak, thus denoting various American public movements against the official culture. The American counter-culture is represented primarily by the movement of battle, and the hippies. The dominant system of values of the counter-cultural movement was the change of consciousness. Ideologists of counter-culture, C. Reich, and T. Rozack called for a “revolution of consciousness”, which they saw in changing the quality of consciousness, widening its boundaries. T. Rozack wrote that counterculture acts as an integrating force of a new outlook based on the desire to reveal a personality in man, the development of sensual in it, in contrast to rational, and contrasts itself with repressive civilization and culture.

The desire to change the world through the internal transformation of the person himself, his consciousness, was an attempt to find a way out of the systemic crisis that has developed in connection with the emergence of a tendency to replace the existing prevailing system of values with that which would correspond to the situation. Thus, the counterculture tried to create a new type of culture, based on the emancipation of human sensuality and development of the aesthetic abilities of the individual. Psychedelic experiences have been declared a promising way of cultural development, which leads to the formation of a new spiritual outlook, which can actually resist dehumanized industrial civilization. Psychodelics offered an alternative way of life to many people, made them open mind, but did not fit into the twentieth century, the society with fear and suspicion referred to the experience of the outsider, so the use of drugs had little ideological justification for protest against the consumption of society.

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