Next image concept of continuing series OUUM Render Mag :

The next dailys picture from OUUM is called MINIMA-LIST, which at the same time characterizes both minimalism and lifestyle, and the minimal list of what we need.
It shows a minimalist set of kitchen utensils, limited in details and a color scheme that resembles a clear compositional still-life.
In recent times, minimalism, like style in clothing, architecture, interior and other areas, has gained a lot of popularity, people are increasingly choosing minimalism – as a style for life, removing everything is not necessary, and focusing only on meaningful. Since our life surrounds many useless things, our cabinets are stuffed with a lot of clothes that we do not wear, leafing a ribbon of facebook, we read everything loudly what we are offering facebook. Minimalism teaches us to squeeze out superfluous and to leave what is necessary, to reduce life to simplicity and functionality and not to spend extra resources on things that we do not need. The society of consumers teaches us the bad habit of buying from the shelves of stores everything that falls under the eye, especially what the hanging label is “Discount”, but people do not always think that buying their goods thoughtlessly cheaply they clog their lives and their homes as unnecessary garbage, while minimalism teaches to keep only the things they love at home. Then the space looks cleaner, more space, and you are surrounded by things that you love and who you really use !.

Image MINIMA-LIST made with an  FSTORM render and 3ds max