Microwave Fast Food

Next image concept of continuing series OUUM Render Mag :

Microwave Fast Food  A new abstraction on the theme of fast food in our lives.
The new picture of Microwave Fast Food really has an abstract solution. The microwave oven in the abstract interpreter of the author is rather a kind of bright cubic forms with metal structural elements, springs that look like some kind of magical design or mechanism, and the food served in this unusual microwave oven is a golden burger (which also repeats the idea of golden elements with previous images of OUUM).
Fast food is a topic of the day. The quick rhythm of life forces us to reduce the amount of time spent on household things or any factors that affect our enjoyment. Instead of walking for work on foot  we take a bus or taxi to save time, instead of preparing a delicious dinner  we buy fast food and warm up in a microwave oven. We are so accustomed to a quick rhythm of life that we do not notice the obvious. We do not really understand what the meaning of life really is, we are so rushing that we do not have time to get pleasure from the things we have on our way. Therefore, our life turned into a fast food. What we eat, what we wear, where we come from and what we do. It’s all in a hurry without enjoyment and quality.
We say that there is not enough time. But in fact, for the sake of which we are working, and for the sake of which we will hurry if we can not enjoy our achievements for our short life.

Image made with an  FSTORM render