Magnet Pill

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Magnet Pill   a very abstract picture from the OUUM studio performed in 3d graphics.
Why is the pill a magnetic one? At first glance, the association is not obvious, but the author has put his indirect meaning in this picture, causing the audience to reflect on their own thoughts and associations.
Let’s remember how many pills we consume for a month? And how much for a year? And how much for all our lives? We are accustomed to solving the problems of our health through pills that give a quick result. Stomach ache? - a stomach pill. Headache? - A headache pill. Although in fact everyone has long known that pills poison our body and do not solve the problem. They only temporarily anesthetize. Although the pain reflexes are laid down in our body by nature, it is not wasted. Imagine if something happened to your body and you did not feel any pain in return? For example, if you had a burned hand, and you did not even notice it? Pain is a cry of the body for help, and we instead of helping him solve the problem - we quench her another pill. Maybe you should not have a stomach ache worth reviewing your diet? More to do sports and drink less alcohol and harmful products?

Magnetic pill is a symbol of influence on our organism, it is a small granule which can change the perception of the whole human organism, its reflexes, its natural mechanisms, like magnetism, which can forcefully pull and repel.

Image Magnet Pill  made with  FSTORM render  featuring rayfire plugin