Light and Shadow

Next image concept of continuing series OUUM Render Mag :

Light and Shadow is next rendered image from OUUM studio.
It’s refined color palette, with characteristic stylistic elements of exquisite style, and theatricality.
High ceilings, arched passages, velvet textures, light, and mirrors create the impression of an exquisite theatrical space, where, as a result, an extravagant performance should begin. The marble and gold textures in combination with the violet color convey a sense of aristocratic elegance, which could also be said that this room – just a tidy rich lady living in a huge palace, or a make-up famous known star. Still, elements of theatrical game allude to the fact that this is more typical for a theatrical production. Exposed to a bucket height (reminiscent of a tower), the ball seems to be ready to play its role in this theatrical setting. The perception of light always gives us a variety of feelings in the environment. proper lighting can create for our and comfort, as well as opposite discomfort

The whole work of “Light and Shadows” has a sensory content. The game of light and shadow, colors, textures, reflexes create an incredibly charming atmosphere, and this is definitely the main thing that the author wanted to convey to the viewer – a feeling.

This render Light and Shadow made with a  FSTORM render