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Today’s daily picture from OUUM is dedicated to laundry.

We  the studio OUUM, in our creative series of day-to-day pictures trying to show in ordinary things something unusual. We first ask the question What else could exist instead of these everyday household things, whatever might be the function of these things? By giving our freedom to our imagination, through our colorful from day-to-day pictures, we try to make the world a little bit more interesting.
Therefore, today’s day picture, we tried to show the other side of the laundry. When a child sees clothes in a washing machine twisted by strange patterns  her fantasy draws the world on the other side of the glass washing machine where the clothes quickly spin off with foam. And what if you imagine that in the middle of the washing machine and really not clothes? If there were, for example, cosmic bubbles of different colors, or, for example, a whole tropical island that was crushed and thrown into a washing machine for washing? And if the washing machine is disguised as a millionaire’s secret safe, and in fact it keeps gold bars there?
Our fantasy has no limits, the main thing is to let it sometimes dream, so in this way you can make such boring household things as washing  a little bit more interesting.

Image made with an  FSTORM render