Jelly Stripes

Next image concept of continuing series OUUM Render Mag :

Jelly Stripes  This is a minimalist image from the OUUM studio on the topic of American breakfasts.
In the next picture Jelly Stripes  a typical American breakfast is shown - a toast with jam, which the author abstractly depicted in flowing acidic colorful stripes. The work is executed in a minimalist style with accented blue and acid pink colors.
Aaron Tilley  a famous London photographer who inspired the author to conceptual minimalism. Aaron in his photographs portrays everyday life through conceptual ideas. For example, his series of works which was also published in the journal Kinfolk entitled In Anxious Anticipation, which depicts household things one second before the collapse. It is also minimalistic series of works on manipulation of food hanging pancakes, fried eggs flowing through the trees and so on.
Aaron Tiliey has inspired his photos of the author of Jelly Stripes, which is very noticeable in this image.
The day’s picture is like a continuation of Aaron’s ARTISAN BRUNCH series of photos, but the main difference is that Jelly Stripes is made in photo-realistic 3-D graphics.
Returning to our day-to-day picture can be seen reflection of the theme of American breakfast  toast oiled with various jams and pasta, which Americans eat. The author successfully used and exaggerated this topic with acid striped jelly (maybe jam?) Flowing out of toast, and thus expressed his creative abstract idea on this topic.

Image made with an  FSTORM render  featuring rayfire plugin