Next image concept of continuing series OUUM Render Mag :

FASHIONIST- new daily picture of OUUM which reveals the theme of fashion and fashion shows. As of today understand why there clothes rather distorted, fashion designers don’t set the goal of practicality in use. The basis for them is the abstraction of the creation next collection, which is why often comes to the absurd on the catwalks of the world of appearances, and clothing looks like something abstract and incomprehensible, which in reality is unlikely someone would dress to just walk through the streets. The author in picture FASHIONIST somewhat exaggerated fashion value by fastening it with abstract elements such as cassette on the head of the statue, which has thoughtlessly and revealing looks forward as a model on the catwalk. Why the statue? Or why the cassette? – decide the viewer. Since FASHIONIST‘s image is a rather extensive association. For example, thin undernourished models on the catwalk in uncomfortable abstract outfit who are forced to go on the podium with a view as if all is well with indirect association girl-statue in the picture with empty eyes, and attribute to a cassette along that poor fellow has putted on the design for the image. Is cassette still stands as something cyclical fashion, which is recorded in history and played again and again? Decicion is only by you

Image made with an  FSTORM render and 3ds max