Electro Quintessence

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ELECTRO QUINTESSENCE – the next picture from the OUUM studio
Humanity relatively recently began to actively use electrical appliances, and over the years the number of invented electric appliances is growing significantly. Only in the last couple of decades, each person has got his own mobile phone, almost everyone has its own computer, in the kitchen of every home stands out of dozens of electronic devices that make life easier for homeowners. Modern technology greatly facilitates our lives. In a matter of seconds, we can connect with loved ones at the other end of the world, or send out a dozen photos or videos. Our ancestors could not imagine such.
But in modern technologies, there is also a dark side because the further the more people are dependent on the technology. Evolution of mankind – it’s something like a card house was skillfully built in height, we are taught from childhood to live in conditions and within the limits of invented people. But what happens if you pick up at least one component? Could a person return to their beginnings? After all, the more so the more technology replaces the work of people, and people become dependent and helpless in the absence of civilization. Most of them already attribute the words of Einstein to the present: “When technology replaces live communication, we will receive a generation of idiots.” The world is about to get closer to it.
The “Black Mirror” series highlighted this topic as a result of the future of excessive technologies in our lives.

As a conclusion, I will say that modern technologies have both a bright and a dark side, even our day-to-day pictures are created using computer 3-D graphics where you can count and recreate almost all physical phenomena that are in nature.
Therefore, in my opinion, the truth is in the consciousness of each individual. The main thing is not to bend the stick.

Image Electro Quintessence made with an  FSTORM render