Colored Worms

Next image concept of continuing series OUUM Render Mag :

Colored Worms — A new abstract image from the OUUM studio, featuring colorful worms that stretch to the peach. This abstract picture has a fuzzy association with the sperm that extends to the egg. Although the author of the image has democratic views on the existence of LGBT communities, but in this picture, he wanted to raise the philosophy of the universe. He portrays the colored worms as an association with homosexuals that extend to female vagina. Because regardless of sexual orientation, we are all human beings are born with a female egg, and when viewed heterosexuality as from the natural universe, the eternal cycle of birth and death, and the human desire for procreation — the increase in the population of people with gay gravely violate the natural course of things. So as the last time, people are increasingly destroying the natural ecosystem in the future in store for our descendants terrible natural disasters and global warming. So the nature of our needs and reflexes, which are modified by nature, can lead to the destruction of the natural flow of things. Although I still want to repeat what the author refers to understanding the existence of the LGBT communities and people with different sexual orientations, because the article will not raise the subject of feelings of these people, what the author refers respect and understanding.

Image made with an  FSTORM render and 3ds max