Coffee Machine

Next image concept of continuing series OUUM Render Mag :

Coffee Machine is a new work of the OUUM studio, which depicts a complicated design of a coffee machine. The basis for this work was quite relevant topics varieties of brewing coffee in the world, especially hipster culture in this regard is very demanding, because in coffee shop, there are many varieties of coffee brewing, and therefore among the hipster- lots of whimsical lovers of coffee culture. That is why this work depicts an exaggerated vision of coffee culture. Inspired by the author to create a coffee machine  a car of the Goldberg. The Goldberg machine is a machine that performs a very simple operation with a variety of complex factors, and all this mechanism works on a domino basis. An example of a Goldberg machine in the present are the clips of the group OK GO. Most of their clips are reproduced in the long process of the mechanism of the Goldberg machine, with impressive installations. The car was named after the famous caricaturist and inventor, American Rub Goldberg. This machine is so thought-out and twisted device, though it performs a simple action, which is why the term Goldberg Machine is sometimes used for the ironic designation of an overly complex system. The coffee machine from the OUUM studio is another striking example of this amazing Goldberg machine. Although I would definitely like to see her in action !?

Image made with an  FSTORM render and 3ds max