Big Game

Next image concept of continuing series OUUM Render Mag :

BIG GAME  A new picture of an actual topic in modern society about monopolists and how they affect our lives.
The picture depicts a golden arm that seems to freely rearrange high-rise buildings in its own picture of the metropolis.
It has long been known to everyone that the monopolists control the world. If he wanted a new high-rise building here  he does not care what this place is for your home, and how much it is valuable to you. Those who have money  manage our world and our lives. This is the air we breathe, the food we eat, all areas of our lives are artificially replaced by those who make money on us. It’s no secret that around the world environmental pollution has started to increase as a result of pollution, deforestation and the destruction of human beings by the ecosystem of our planet, but these problems are not disclosed because they are disadvantageous for people who operate large amounts of money. People have long understood that it is worthwhile to abandon shale substances, packages, plastic bags, but while monopolists will be financially profitable to sell them and release goods in plastic cans, the ecosystem of our land will be destroyed.
The hand of a monopolist in the image is a hand which has power through its wealth, and what that such cupidity can cause.

Image Big Game made with an  FSTORM render  3dsmax