ART Pack

 Next image concept of continuing series OUUM Render Mag : ART PAСK 

How often do we meet on cigarette packs smoking can harm your health or smoking kills, but how about art? Can art really kill?
ART PAСK  a new day-to-day picture from the OUUM depicts a packet of cartridges instead of cigarettes, and with the signature art. What comes first from this image?
The author wanted to convey this image as art changes our consciousness.
Most designers choose products for everyday life on packaging, not on the quality of the product; for them, as a red scarf for a bull, flashing inappropriately used font or non-compositely / not harmoniously matched home furniture at his friends. Graphic designers instead of choosing food from the menu in the restaurant  will be half an hour to sit and think how inappropriate is the font in the menu. Artists, meanwhile, broadcast the world around drawing techniques, and 3d graphics  through the thawing of materials. And how is often it possible to hear things familiar to us from the artist through his terminology! Art  as a drug, irreversibly changes our perception of reality. But it is also beautiful  because without it the world would be too boring.
Image made with an  FSTORM render  featuring  and 3ds max.