Next image concept of continuing series OUUM Render Mag :

MELTING CROQUET ARTWORK is an abstract on the theme of the game in the croquet of floating multicolored sculpture with Julius Caesar.
The author tried to convey his work of antique stuff through the prism of modern times. The ancient arches are presented as neon tubes, and Julius Caesar’s sculpture is poured in various colors and flows down to the bottom of the gold as covers from albums in the genre Vaporwave. And could you imagine Julius Caesar playing croquett? The image is striking and at the same time confuses spectators, it’s hard to imagine how it is possible to combine things that are so different in their structure. The author of the day’s work from OUUM set himself the goal of giving the audience an opportunity to go beyond the real, outside of the usual all sequences of events, or correspondences to certain categories.
Image MELTING CROQUET First of all  conceived as an album cover for the micro-genre of electronic music Vaporwave. This genre appeared in 2010, the year and had a large herd popular online community for the next several years. It includes a surrealistic and even nostalgic vision of aesthetics of retro culture in the 80’s and 90’s. It is a culture of consumption, entertainment, diverse technologies, advertisements, and different styles of popular music. Performers often attach importance to the symbols of classic sculptures, grunts-art, 90s web design, East Asian art, low-end computer renders, VCRs, cyberpunk and cassettes.

Image made with an  FSTORM render  featuring  and 3ds max. with realflow