Glass Banana


Second image of continuing series OUUM Render Mag :
In this artwork never know whats hidden inside, is it good or it worst. It might be tricky isn’t it?

Image made with an  FSTORM render  featuring  and 3ds max and Rayfire plugin.

Some call it a glass banana, some are inflatable. Continuing monthly series of digital renders artworks, Yarko conduct a parallel with human qualities. Since at first glance a man can seem to be ripe fruit, but only over time you understand that inside the banana’s skins hide an inflatable (or glass?) ball.

The author’s inspiration for the creation of this image is the work of the well-known pop-art artist Andy Warhol, namely the cover of the debut album The Velvet Underground and Nico. It was for the first time that it featured the famous bright yellow banana, with the signature of the artist and the inscription “Peel slowly and see”. And the first copies of the album were provided with yellow bananas stuck on the envelopes, which separated, which could reveal another fruit — this time the pink color and purified. Also, the inflatable banana is a continuation of the theme of Andy Warhol, but already in digital form with 3d graphics and F-storm renders.

Inflatable banana causes people quite different associations, not the exception of the association of erotic nature. Returning to the question “Glassy or inflatable?” — the author interprets it as two-digit, according to the characters of the people, since there are people soft and supple as an inflatable banana, but are cold and stable like a glass banana, but the main point is that both materials can be easily destroyed, broken or burst, as well People are easily subjected to devastating effects, even the most stable of us. That is why Yarko shows defects of two types of materials on one banana, still questioning “glass or inflatable?”.