Next image concept of continuing series OUUM Render Mag :

ASTRONAUT  COVER ARTWORK is the next work of our OUUM studio, which depicts a glamorous astronaut that seems to have gone down the cover of
Glossy magazine. The character himself as if made of bright pink gum has a superficial look and lemons instead of glasses. The color solution is as acidic and provocative as the astronaut himself, who looks as if out of frame is another dozen photographers, makeup artists and other staff who are bustling in setting the perfect frame. Also, the image uses round elements that are repeated in the rings of lemons, cosmic bubbles flying around the astronaut, and the cosmonaut of the composition itself seems to be inside a round capsule that supports space-futuristic themes.
Abstract images of a series of day-to-day pictures from OUUM do not have clear associations or clear explanations of the image; therefore, everything depends on the viewer, how far his love and fantasy can go, but the author tries to push a certain associative row between the elements. For example, why is a glamorous astronaut? Could he have a relationship with the fashion in the future? Is it possible the author tries to convey the “extremes” in the fashion industry in this way? Is it possible to call the image “what does a fashion bring?”
Each person will have their own associations on this topic astronaut cover.

Image made with an  FSTORM render  featuring  and 3ds max with rayfire plugin