Albino Pomegranate

Stunning Monthly project of OUUM CO-FOUNDER and creator Yarko Kushta

Survey to create each unique image using newest FSTORM render with many special GPU features and 3ds max software. The awesome thing is really speed-up rendering with software that can give great results in first seconds of renderings. Such a great experience to create details in computer graphics that become piece of art. Albino Pomegranate should be the beginning of art series of OUUM.
Small daily ideas grow up into graphic imagery world featuring a connection and randomness of thoughts ideas and minds.

Perhaps the most important advantage of 3d graphics as photo realism is that the author can create something that does not exist in reality, change the structure of the things we are familiar to us, showing them as real as we see them in life. The series of daily pictures from OUUM intend to call the viewers just such an impression Stop! Is it real?

At first vision we feel that something is wrong with a grenade. It is not ripe? Is it a special kind of grenade? Does the author not know what a grenade looks like? Our brain is trying to find a logical explanation, as we see, to interpret through existing patterns. The main goal set by the author — to show imperfection as beauty, as an exclusion, and to enable the viewer to go beyond reality to see her.

In Albino Pomegranate features reflection of the difference of us, each of us is especially those who have an unusual look, and thinking. Often we react to everything that differs from us from to a critical point. But everyone in this and subsequent works can find himself, vision or what surrounds your difference with each other.